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ASI 60282  | PPAI 176791
SAGE 67124Ph



Inside Sales/Cust Service:




The Headwear Stockists Group of Companies has been in the headwear manufacturing industry since 1974, and now boasts a distribution network servicing all continents of the world.

Consistently providing quality headwear at an affordable price has helped the Group grow into one of the world's most expansive headwear suppliers with the Group now commonly regarded as 'The Headwear Professionals'.

This site hosts a sample of products from one of the biggest and best suppliers in the industry and don't forget, if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, just ask and we will get it for you. Being both a manufacturer and supplier provides a flexible infrastructure that allows for the production and delivery of any style you require.

No matter where you are on the globe we can service all of your needs - either directly or through one of our many distributors who also hold stock and can deliver headwear to you within 24 hours. Yes, our network is that extensive!

This extensive network allows us to be out in front in both styling and fabrics. If it is being done, we are doing it. Thus you will always see the latest when you visit 'The Headwear Professionals'.

We are devoted to making the best headwear possible and guarantee all of our work. If it is not right we will take it back.

Please take some time to view our extensive range. Remember: if what you are looking for is not there- ask us and we will get it for you. If it can be done- we are the people to do it! Being manufacturers as well as stockists means we have the ability to meet your specific headwear needs. Just contact us- we know you'll find it profitable.

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