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We Fuel Your Business

Our business solutions are built for companies to find the right fuel to drive their business. Our strategy is much like a car race: many cars can race the same course with very different results. Corporate entities have the same challenges. Our goal is to provide solid tactics which will separate you from the pack. We feel that when a consistent message is relayed both internally and externally, our clients have a much stronger frame and can ultimately win the race.

The four tires of your car represent the Four P’s of Marketing within your company: PRODUCT, PRICE, PLACE, and PROMOTION. As in any race car, the back tires are wider, thicker, and have more grip – they are the driving force. You must give extra attention to these components otherwise you might blow a tire. The same applies to PRODUCT and PROMOTION. If your PRODUCT mix and/or PROMOTIONAL strategy isn’t perfect, you’re leaving PRICE (money) and PLACE (opportunities) on the table. PRICE and PLACE smoothly steer you to victory.

Marketing strategy is the engine that powers your business. Each piston represents a different function of the marketing department. It’s important to fuel all functions equally – always delivering a consistent message that drives business. Our goal is to help you navigate the road to success!

Meet the Team


Steve DeMarS

Territory: CA, AZ, NV, UT, HI

Steve DeMars has been in the Promotional Products industry in various roles for more than two decades. He has spent time as a Distributor, Supplier, and Multi-Line Representative. This broad experience has enabled Steve to become a valuable resource to his Distributor clients. He knows what they are looking for, where to find it, and the most efficient way to get the final product in their customer’s hands.

When Steve is not providing sales solutions to his clients, he enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, friends, and diving deep into conversations on sports, music, and craft beer.

Connor Rubin

Territory: WA, OR, CO, ID, AK

Connor Rubin has been part of the industry now for 5 Years. It started on the supplier side as an Inside/Outside salesman at 19 years old on the East Coast with Headwear USA. Over the years, his role changed and expanded into different parts of the business; from Inside sales to Outside sales, to Accounting and Managing Production.


In July of 2021 he moved across the country to Olympia, WA and continued his journey with Headwear USA until November 2021 where he partnered with Steve DeMars and began working under West Coast Branded Solutions as a Multi-Line Rep. Finishing up his first year as a Multi-Line in 2022, he has been able to use his experience and knowledge from previous years to increase sales and build lasting relationships in his territories.

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